Customer satisfaction

We strive for maximum customer satisfaction every day. What ultimately counts for each training session is the end result. That is why we keep all satisfaction scores from our customers.
Below are the satisfaction scores of the 20 most recent trainings. We are happy to share this information with you. 

CompanyFollowed trainingScore
ServMedia Training - Dealing with the press94%
ZoolyxProfessional Telephone Skills95%
U. AntwerpenEffective Meeting Skills95%
ServMedia Training - Dealing with the press90%
SCHINDLERCustomer Centricity100%
ZoolyxProfessional Telephone Skills90%
PolitiePresentation techniques: presenting with impact90%
ServMedia Training - Dealing with the press93%
DGZProfessional Telephone Skills90%
U. AntwerpenEffective Meeting Skills87%
InfrabelBusiness Writing Skills97%
Tracé Brussel vzwEffective Meeting Skills80%
AGFAProductive homeworking85%
AVIOGiving and Receiving Feedback85%
NovartisSocial Media Marketing88%
NovartisSocial Media Marketing86%
NovartisSocial Media Marketing100%
AGFAProductive homeworking90%

What customers say about usTestimonials

Business Writing Skills

Many tips were provided and the fact that we were allowed to make our own exercises made us think more. It made us realise that we communicate a lot every day, but not always in the right way (too negative, unclear, not clear, not to the point,...). The trainer was very pleasant and ensured good interaction. There was a relaxed atmosphere and questions were answered immediately. A real tailor-made training :-)

Vanessa De Proot - City of Dendermonde

Persuasive communication

The trainer was very well prepared (there was an online intake beforehand with our questions and expectations), clearly had a lot of experience and was really empathetic. She managed to identify our communication problems very quickly and proposed concrete solutions. I was really very surprised and satisfied with the output of this training. Top!

Andrea Ariani - BASF

Communication workshop

The communication workshop was way better than expected. It really made all my employees open up and get to know each other better. It was also very interactive with a lot of exercises and techniques. We now have learned a structured way how to give feedback to each other and to customers.

Sammy Deprez - Arinti

Leadership for Beginners

I wanted to learn specific tips, pointers for enhancing human relationships in the working environment - both as a manager and as a team member myself. Although much of what was discussed in the training seemed like common sense in hindsight, it was amazing how little nuances in communication can change a relationship. I learned a lot about how I can change my own behaviour and communication to enhance people management. We closed the day with an action plan. This was excellent. As people managers we have become far more aware of how we function!

Claire Dupont - VUB - Institute for European Studies

Online Meeting Skills

Thanks to the training, our meetings have become much more proactive and we get the most out of our online group discussions. Furthermore, we received very good tips and tricks to better deal with video calls. Zoom video meetings are now standard in our team. I can definitely recommend this new way of working!

Raf Nonneman - European Spice Services

Management Skills

I expected a standard management training to refresh the key points I have learned throughout my career. It went beyond refreshing. The trainer really knows how to transfer his passion for people to the group. I'm convinced everyone has found their passion for their job back after this training. This training was more than useful, it was really inspiring.

Gertjan Hesius - Neovia Logistics

Intercultural Communication & Management

In this training I hoped to receive tips and tricks on how to avoid misunderstandings between people from different nationalities and backgrounds, especially between Dutch and Belgium co-workers. I have learned that behaviour can be a cultural reaction but also that the individual attitude can play an important role. Being able to understand, flexibility and not judging the expected feedback from colleagues are the major learning points.

Christophe Nadaud - BOSCH P&O

Management Skills

I was looking for insights on giving feedback, delegating and management by objectives. All I can say is: excellent on all fronts. The trainer provides very clever working frameworks that can be applied in the day-to-day business environment and spends a lot of time on coaching and support. Each part of the training allows me to put it into practice, and that is its strong point.

Peter Verbiest - Bonka Circus

Assertive Communication

I wanted to learn what assertive communication actually is, in what way it can help me, and how to use it. This training really helped me to create a better work-environment. I'll try to use it when talking to my boss, clients, etc. to create a better relationship. Also the trainer was very capable. He adapted the course to our needs. I think that is one of the most important things in a training like these, that it feels personal and recognizable. So good job & many thanks!

David Van Os - Greenfish