Business coaching

Business Coaching or 1-on-1-training is a form of individual coaching for employees, managers and professionals, aimed at increasing personal effectiveness and achieving professional goals. The impact of Personal Coaching is many times more effective than any other form of education or training. Therefore, Personal Business Coaching is ideal for situations where maximum results are required in a minimum of time.

Understanding personal qualities

  • Everyone has a unique combination of personal qualities, but not everyone is aware of these qualities. We often use only a fraction of our personal skills, just because we are not aware that we have these capabilities.

Dealing with personal blocks

  • Blocks are thought patterns, feelings or behaviors that hinder us to function optimally. They make us feel stuck and prevent us from moving forward. It is important to detect these blocks and eliminate them to live to our full potential.

Formulate business goals

  • Often we have a global goal we seek, but in many cases it is not easy to formulate specific and achievable targets. Experience shows that the more specific we are about the goals we want to achieve, the more likely it is that we actually realize them.

The coach as a sounding board

  • We continually are weighing job pros and cons in a decision making process. As an objective outsideer, a coach can look at the situation and help you make the right decision or to decide what direction to take.


What are the benefits of business coaching?

1. Active and effective

Personal coaching is a very intensive way of training. The results are almost immediate. The goal of coaching is to bring personal development to a higher level. Depending on the intended objectives, the results can be remarkable.

2. Fully customizable

Expert Academy has an extensive network of teachers, coaches and trainers. Depending on your needs and desired results, we draw on the trainers anc coaches with the right skills and specializations. Personal coaching allows for extensive interaction and feedback so the trainer can optimally adapt to your specific needs.

3. Maximum efficiency

What is the cost of a missed opportunity, a continuing conflict, a low return ...? What is it worth to you to take control of your life, both personally and professionally? Personal coaching is not only the privilege of large corporations or the rich and wealthy. When we take into account the high efficiency and fast results,  personal coaching is considerably cheaper and more effective than any other form of education or training.

4. Short-term results

A coaching session provides immediate results. Depending on the availability of our experts, session can start in a few days or weeks or at a time that suits you best.

5. Flexible

Our trainers adapt themselves to your calendar. A Personal Coaching session generally lasts half a day (3 hours), day or evening, when it suits you best.

6. In the language of your choice

Most programs of Expert Academy are available in Dutch, French and English, some even in Spanish. This allows us to work in the language of the coachee. For most courses it is indeed important to in the native language of the participant.

7. Antwerp, Ghent or in your offices

A Personal Coaching takes place in our coaching offices in Antwerp or Ghent. This allows you to just move away from the workplace and the daily grind. If you wish we can also have the Personal Coaching sessions in your office or at another location.

8. An investment in yourself

A Personal Coaching is a gift for yourself. It is a personal investment in your own development. This will enable you to generate your drive and determination to achieve your chosen goals

What you can achieve with personal business coaching:

  • Understanding personal qualities
  • Preparing for an important presentation
  • Fear of public speaking or lack of confidence
  • Development of leadership skills 
  • How to resolve conflicts and better yet, how to avoid them
  • Refocus: a new job, a new challenge, how do you best handle this?
  • Emotional intelligence: better deal with your own emotions and those of others
  • Find the optimal work/life balance
  • Improve your nonverbal communication